7 Ways Your Business Strategy Needs to Evolve in 2022

The market is becoming choppier, travel is slowing down, and businesses like Lyft, Google, and Apple are postponing their return-to-office plans. How, in the midst of so much chaos, can companies expect to be able to form and cohere to a single business strategy? The short, unsatisfying answer is that they can’t. [...]

ERP and Why is it Important for Your Company?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is business management software that allows an organization to leverage a suite of integrated applications. These systems streamline and automate processes, creating a leaner, more accurate and efficient operation. ERP's provides complete visibility into core business processes. Enterprise Resource Planning platforms, like BlueCherry ERP, optimize systems [...]

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What is an API?

API stands for application programming interface. It is a set of tools that allow different software modules to talk to one another. So what is an API used for? An API is typically used when someone wants to do something on their website or app but their programming language can't [...]

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Software Development – Glossary of Terms

Software development begins not only with understanding the processes but also comprehending the terminology and acronyms. Software Developers will use acronyms; such as, SDLC, Git, GUI, or other related software development terms. These alphabet soup of letters can get confusing extremely quickly if you are not familiar with the [...]

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Big Data – What Your Data Isn’t Telling You

We’ve all heard of big data — the vast analytics capabilities made famous by Silicon Valley’s power players including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Amazon. It conjures up images of never-ending server farms– massive warehouses filled to the brim with terabytes of information–as well as the controversy stirred by the NSA’s [...]

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Hackers Target Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution

A global spear-phishing campaign has been targeting organizations associated with COVID-19 vaccine distribution since September 2020, according to new research. Attributing the operation to a nation-state actor, IBM Security X-Force researchers said the attacks took aim at the vaccine cold chain, companies responsible for storing and delivering the COVID-19 vaccine at safe [...]

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Zero-trust Security Model Needed for Email

Why zero-trust security for email? It has been 20 years since sender identity fraud shifted to the world of email and became known as phishing. In the early days, email threats were largely content-centric and usually included a malicious link or attachment to trick a user into a trap. But particularly [...]

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Employee Education: Cybersecurity Weakness

Apricorn announced new findings from a Twitter poll exploring the data security and business preparedness for remote working during the pandemic. More than 30% of respondents singled out employee education as being the biggest area companies needed to make changes to improve cybersecurity. The employee poll was issued over six days [...]

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Healthcare IT Security During the Pandemic

IT Security During a Pandemic Healthcare providers remain firmly focused on dealing with the global pandemic, juggling the often-conflicting demands of providing care while keeping patients and staff safe. The financial impact of the pandemic has left many providers on the brink of bankruptcy amid falling patient visits, deferred elective [...]

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