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TSVMap™ is here to help grow your manufacturing processes and consult your IT Solutions so that we can make them more effective and efficient.

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Manufacturing, TSVmap Triangle Icon, Analyze and Evaluate Resouces, Automation, MRP, Material Requirement Planning, Greenville, SC, USA

Technical Specifications Value Map

Where you want to go.

Our map is the methodology we use to evaluate existing manufacturing systems (technologies), critique the processes, identify specific needs, and chart solutions for scalable growth (Map). This methodology can be applied to individual areas or multifaceted operations such as increasing production and efficiency, assessing cyber security, maximizing digital footprint, scalable processes, technological strategies, or IT consultation.

Manufacturing, Greenville SC
Manufacturing, Greenville SC



Our methodology starts with understanding why things are the way they are. Analyzing systems, resources, and workflows to understand how results are being generated in a clear, objective way. The analysis extends to the marketplace as TSVMap™ will compare and contrast the resources available and run or examine potential improvements that fit the firm’s needs, industry, and opportunities.


Manufacturing, Greenville SC
Manufacturing, Greenvlle SC



Once a comprehensive understanding of all the inputs is acquired, TSVMap™ sets about reviewing how all the factors interact and impact one another. Reviewing positions, processes, and outcomes reveals previously unseen opportunities for growth as well as gaps in inefficiency. The review portion of our methodology ensures that every aspect of a process is understood in the context of future growth.


Manufacturing, Greenville SC
Manufacturing, Greenville SC



TSVMap™ evaluates the opportunities, potential resources, and growth objectives to map a sustainable course for achieving growth. Rarely is there a shortage of tools to utilize or issues that need to be resolved; but, determining where to focus energy and effort is where many firms lose the plot. TSVMap™ takes all contributing inputs and the industry context into consideration to determine a sustainable order of operation for future growth.


Manufacturing, Greenville SC
Manufacturing, Greenville SC



Above all, TSVMap™ is a mapped course for making your company’s objectives for growth a reality. Taking the findings from the comprehensive analysis, through review and multi-faceted evaluation, TSVMap™ plots a course for addressing pressing issues with solutions that fit the unique needs and strengths of the company in question. TSVMap™ provides an order of operation that maximizes long-term effectiveness.


TSVmap Triangle Icon, Analyze and Evaluate Resouces, Automation, MRP, Material Requirement Planning, Greenville, SC, USA

Our Methodology

This methodology process is used to Define Current Systems (technologies), Evaluate current resources, and develop a Strategic Plan (Map) that fits the needs of your specific firm.

Analyze data for manufacturing consultation and implementation.
Manufacturing - defineCurrentSystems, TSVMap, Greenville SC

1. Define Current Manufacturing Systems

First, we meet with management to review and define the current manufacturing systems and processes that are being utilized for day-to-day operations, security, technology, and any other system that may impact operations or output.


Manufacturing -interviewTheTeam, TSVMap, Greenville SC

2. Interview the Team

The next step is to conduct onsite interviews with the team who will be interacting with, servicing, or expanding the system on a day-to-day basis. This gives us detailed information about the tasks being performed, the overall utilization of available technology, and where a new solution is needed to streamline, error-proof, or otherwise improve daily workflow.

Manufacturing - automation-clear, TSVMap, Greenville SC

3. Analyze the Entire Process

After the first two phases, and based on what we learn about your manufacturing systems, processes, and the team, we will then research possible solutions and provide recommendations for workflow, system(s), and processes.

Manufacturing - planProposal, TSVMap, Greenville SC

4. Plan / Proposal

The plan will provide you with IT solutions to meet your objectives in a scalable way. Specifically, to increase production output, labor and equipment efficiency, and overall operational and financial performance. We accomplish this by either modifying existing systems and training programs or incorporating new systems and custom-developed integration.


Our Manufacturing Clients

Here are some of our clients we have provided various assessments. Click the View More Clients button to check out some of the others. If you would like to get an assessment for ERP systems, MRP systems, Digital, E-Commerce, Web Applications, or Cyber Security. Visit the Contact Us page fill out the information and we can get started as soon as possible.

Manufacturing Consultant - BGR, TSVMap, Greenville SC
Manufacturing Consultant - Big Gun Robotics, TSVMap, Greenville SC

Big Gun Robotics

ERP Assessment

When Big Gun Robotics needed an ERP System to deliver precision welded industrial assemblies to the manufacturing industry. TSVMap™ provided them with recommendations for ERP solutions based on their needs.

Manufacturing Consultant - Elite Tool and Design, TSVMap, Greenville SC
Manufacturing Consultant - Elite Tool and Design, TSVMap, Greenville SC

The Marwin Company 

Technical Assessment 

TSVMap™ provided the Marwin company with a technical assessment for their manufacturing and reporting systems, on data mapping and data sourcing. TSVMap™ gave them power BI for dashboards and data reporting. 

Manufacturing Consultant - Viv & Lou, TSVMap, Greenville SC
Manufacturing Consultant - Viv and Lou Banner, TSVMap, Greenville SC

ICE Recycling

MRP/ERP Assessment

TSVMap™ provided ICE Recycling with an assessment of their ERP and MRP systems. Not only that but we did documentation of their current application and have provided an assessment with guidance for their new in-house application.