How TSVMap consults differently

When it comes to manufacturing consultants most are consulting for a software or service provider and realistically they are salespeople trying to get you to buy what they are selling. Most manufacturing consultants really do not care about you or how well the system they are selling will work for you. They try to make you believe that it will solve all of your problems whether it be an MRP system or ERP system or even just automation. The truth is that it most likely won’t be a fit for your manufacturing business. A real consultant with real results is what your business needs!

This is why TSVMap was made we pair with an MEP that pays us so we won’t be getting our money from the commission on sales. Then we work with manufacturers and go through our process for determining what you need and what will help you grow and run your business more efficiently.

Consulting that benefits you!

TSVMap is here to help you the best we can nothing more nothing less. When it comes to consulting we will interview everyone who has a part in your data entry, business operations, web applications, and IT. We want to be able to provide the best technical assessment that you have ever seen.



If you need assistance with automation that way you can be able to rapidly produce a product we can help. Automating systems can be a big time saver and end up making more money faster. When you have automated systems that you would usually have to have done manually you can better use your resources and time. Automations are going to be a big help but you will need the right software to automate some of your process and getting the wrong software could end up delaying you, slowing production and falling behind on orders. So whether you need an ordering and processing system or a system to display your data like Power BI, then TSVMap can help you pick out the right automation systems for you.


Many firms who rely on industry specific software are beginning to see the age on software that is at the core of essential operations. Limited to no customer support or outdated interfaces are sure signs that the end of a software’s life is not far off. TSVMap has extensive experience replicating and customizing old software for today’s demands and your needs, Upgrading your current software to a new web-based application is one of the best ways to eliminate wasteful steps, amplify system efficiency and future -proof your process for growth.


MRP & ERP System Assessments

TSVMap will assess your current ERP system, functions, scalability, utilization, and integration. This process can take up to 45 days in order to ensure through evaluation. Once completed, three possible solutions will be provided along with a through implementation plan to accompany each solution. That way you have options of what you need, what you want, and what might have a feature you really like. Once you pick one of the solutions though you wont be lost with how to implement them. This is one of the many things that separate’s TSVMap from other consultants and consulting company’s.

When it comes to MRP assessments there are three paths that we chart and present when consulting with a business. MRP systems are a Commercial off the shelf system (COTS) solution, Modified off the shelf (MOTS) solution or a custom development solution. These three paths are defined and then the choices are given based on several factors. Those factors are personnel skill set, potential adoption, current ERP system, expense, workflow, sales goals, team goals, integrations and scalability.


Consulting built for you

Our main goal is to help manufactures get the consulting they deserve with over 30 years of experience in IT, software, cyber security, automations, business operations and web applications. We’re here to help you and show you how you can build better systems to create a better workflow, profits, or more efficient. No matter what your goal is, don’t go to those consultants that are just going to sell you on one specific software or systems integration. Consult with TSVMap for a better path forward with someone who is here to help you above all else.


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TSVMap is here to help grow manufacturing processes and consult your IT Solutions that way we can make it more effective and efficient. So if you need: IT Solutions, Consultants, ERP Systems, MRP Systems, Automations, or Cyber Security. Contact us today at 864-991-5656 or Email