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Our Methodology

TSVMapmethodology takes four steps to analyze, prioritize thoroughness, ensure optimal adoption, and deliver long-term, sustainable results.

Consultancy Timeline

And what you can expect from our process.

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1. Milestone One

Define Current Systems

Meet with management to review and define the current systems and processes that are being utilized for day-to-day operations, security, technology, and any other system that may impact operations or output.

About Defining Current Systems


Define Current Systems

Tech/Software Analysis


Understanding why a firm is succeeding in some areas but struggling in other areas begins with an analysis of the software and technology that a company utilizes on a day-to-day basis. There is no shortage of options in the marketplace; however, most companies fail to utilize the tools they have to their full potential. Whether this is due to the tech or software not fitting the specific needs of a company or simply because of a lack of knowledge TSVMap’s first step is to understand the tools at your disposal in the context of your company’s workflow and industry.


Define Current Systems

Data Infrastructure Charting


Data is the foundation of every operation within a company. To optimize your efficiency, you must optimize the way data is gathered, stored, and distributed throughout systems, workflow, and resources. Regardless of industry or size, data infrastructure principles remain the same. Often, there are 3 to 5 ways to change how data is integrated and distributed which will yield substantial increases in operational efficiency.


Define Current Systems

Workflow Mapping


If Tech/Software are the tools and data the materials, workflow serves as the way all resources work in concert to produce efficient results. The third piece to Defining Current Systems is a charting of how a company works its tools, data, and people together to produce. Often, there is a large disconnect between stakeholders’ intended workflow and the actual workflow. TSVMap helps identify how resources and operating procedures are working together in both micro and macro operations.

Understand the DNA of your Company

Before making an honest assessment, TSVMap works to understand all the pieces of the puzzle to better know why your company thrives and what is holding it back.

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2. Milestone Two

Interview The Team

The next step in our methodology is to conduct onsite interviews with the team who will be interacting with, servicing, or expanding the system on a day-to-day basis. This gives us detailed information about the tasks being performed, the overall utilization of available technology, and where a new solution is needed to streamline, error-proof, or otherwise improve daily workflow.

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About Interviewing The Team


Interviewing the Team

Management & Stakeholders


Management & Stakeholders are the objective setters for a firm. Interviewing the leaders of the firm and understanding their unique perspectives on goals, success, and failures is paramount to identifying why processes, systems, and people are being utilized in their current capacities. Identifying objectives with stakeholders and managers creates a dialogue that crystalizes what needs to take priority and helps identify which challenges are truly preventing a firm from growing in a healthy, sustainable way.


Interviewing the Team

Employees & Operators


No matter how genius a solution may be or clever a tool is, adoption is the single greatest determining factor for future success. Operators and employees provide some of the most valuable feedback for identifying challenges that stakeholders may be blind to. Additionally, understanding the workforce who is responsible for implementing solutions and new tools goes a long way in developing a plan and solutions that will be adopted and implemented in a way that makes the investment payout.


Interviewing the Team



Sustainable growth is the product of much more than a “healthy work culture” but it is not less. As important as having the right systems and processes in place is, a culture that fails to incentivize engagement and attention to detail can railroad the best-laid plans. Studies show time and time again that engagement from employees and leadership that is willing to make proactive, courageous decisions produces a team that is more than the sum of the parts. TSVMap works to analyze how management and operators interact and view each other to help identify cultural strengths and weaknesses.

Culture Trumps Control

Understanding the people behind the product is an invaluable tool to understanding why things are the way they are. Before building a solution, you need to know the people who will be responsible for seeing it succeed.

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3. Milestone Three

Analyze the Entire Process

After the first two phases and based on what we learn about systems, processes, and the team, we will then research possible solutions and provide recommendations for workflow, system(s), and processes this is an important process in our methodology.

About Analyzing the Entire Process


Analyze the Entire Process

Crystalize Strengths and Weaknesses


Analysis of everything discovered in the first two steps is then processed with the full TSVMap team to identify macro strengths and weaknesses. We do this to begin clarifying what type of solutions would best suit a firm’s strengths and areas of opportunity. We place a high emphasis on maximizing what a company already does well and limit the parts of processes and systems that limit these strengths. In this way, we begin to narrow the hundreds of potential paths to the ones that work best for the company.


Analyze the Entire Process

Detail Bottlenecks


In identifying what makes a company uniquely equipped to grow our team is ready to dive into the details of where systems and processes are hamstrung. This part of the process is where all the conversations and observations from the previous two steps are crucial in identifying the dozens of inputs that cause a bottleneck inefficiency. Major bottlenecks are never caused by one deficiency. Identifying the contributing factors and processing the multiple facets of a problem is key to creating a unique, effective solution.


Analyze the Entire Process

Prioritize Growth Opportunities


There is never a shortage of “next steps” when analyzing systems, processes, and people. Prioritizing which areas for growth are the most time-sensitive and will contribute to future solutions is the best way to combat analysis paralysis. Our team will take your company’s growth objectives and cross-check them against current deficits to create a triage list that informs the type of solutions and systems proposed in the final TSVMap Plan.

Recognize who you are and where you are headed

After gathering all the relevant information our team works in concert with your stakeholders to create a clear statement of what is healthy and what needs attention. This is the groundwork of a successful proposal.

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4. Milestone four

Plan / Proposal

Our methodology plan will provide you with solutions to meet your objectives in a scalable way. Specifically, to increase production output, labor and equipment efficiency, and overall operational and financial performance. We accomplish this by either modifying existing systems and training programs or incorporating new systems and custom-developed integration.

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About The Plan



Custom Solutions


TSVMap details the potential advantages and drawbacks of custom-built software solutions and provides essential direction on whether a custom solution is a right choice. Expertise in system adoption and software development gives  TSVMap a unique perspective on the real costs and benefits of this type of solution. TSVMap charts out the real development timeline, costs, and payoffs of such a project and projects and how effective of a measure it would be.



Off-the-Shelf Solutions


For many clients, a fully customized software is not the most efficient solution due to the amount of time, resources, and training that can be required. At TSVMap we do not focus on only one way to solve a challenge. For many firms, some combination of existing software, systems, and training already matches many of their needs. TSVMap researches existing resources studies their integration capabilities and develops a strategic plan for implementation. This portion of the proposal includes some custom development, to tailor off-the-shelf software to meet a company’s unique needs.



Order of Operation


Part of every TSVMap Assessment is a clear step-by-step strategy for addressing pressing concerns and streamlining existing systems to lay a strong foundation for future advancements.

Map your path, achieve your goals

A plan, an order of operation for implementation, and guidance for possible solutions gives you the chance to choose your path to achieving your objectives.