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we take a different approach to IT consulting, one that solves the most difficult challenges of staff augmentation, such as the high cost of onboarding and training, skill maintenance, and loss of legacy knowledge through attrition. We offer our clients the skills they require most, at the precise moment of that need.

For example, we can assist by providing these services:

Virtual CTOs. It’s not easy to find the right person to fill the CTO role, and if you do find the right person, the cost may be high. Tap into the expertise of a virtual CTO at a reasonable and affordable cost to assist with the strategic management and technology decisions of your organization.

Operations management. Operations play a large role in the success of any organization. We assist with skilled and strategic operations strategies tailored to your organization to close the gap between ideas and results.

Alignment of business and technology. Connecting IT with business strategy remains a high priority for companies today. We help you understand your organization’s largest challenges so you can successfully deploy the right information technology strategy.

Risk management. Successful businesses understand that risk management isn’t something that is completed once but is instead an ongoing process. We assist with continually examining the risks and security concerns of your organizations and systematically creating effective solutions that meet your goals.

Business continuity and disaster recovery. A catastrophic event may never strike your company, but preparation is important for safeguarding your success. Our consulting services assist with analyzing all vulnerabilities and developing IT and business-focused solutions that protect your company during unexpected events.

Strategic planning. We can assist with understanding your current needs but also strategically planning for the future. Our solutions are nimble, scale easily with growth and meet your long-term business objectives.

Compliance and governance. Many industries are operating under an increasingly strict regulatory environment. A large part of meeting those requirements in your IT infrastructure involves finding a method for safeguarding and protecting data. We assist with understanding these regulations and putting into place the technology that ensures compliance.

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