Over the last few years, business process automation projects have really started to take off. According to a 2020 survey, 66% of business leaders across industries are already piloting some kind of business automation solution.

And the reason why is clear: Business process automation makes organizations more efficient and agile.

If you’re not already taking advantage of business process automation software to streamline your operations, you should be.

But don’t just take our word for it. Below, we’ve listed 10 business process automation benefits that highlight how it can save you time and money while improving efficiency.

What is business process automation?

Business process automation, or BPA, is the process of automating manual workflows and horizontal business processes to minimize or eliminate the need to devote human resources to repetitive, manual tasks.

BPA solutions are typically implemented through the use of business process automation software applications

8 business process automation benefits

Here are some of the biggest benefits of business process automation.

1. Improves operational efficiencies

Business process automation can improve efficiencies by reducing the amount of manual work involved in processes like employee onboarding, risk review, or claims processing.

2. Reduces the cost of labor

If you’re relying on your team to work through manual tasks, you’re going to need to take on new team members as your business scales up and there are more manual tasks to complete. By automating those processes, you can increase your output as your operations grow without expanding your workforce.

Similarly, by implementing BPA solutions, you may be able to automate existing processes and cut payroll costs while maintaining the same output.

3. Increases productivity

Where humans might take 10 minutes to complete a manual task, software applications can often do the same in an instant. As such, business process automation can help you speed up your processes so that you can get through your workload faster.

4. Boosts employee morale

Let’s face it: Repetitive, manual tasks are boring. Having your team members perform the same monotonous tasks day in and day out isn’t going to inspire morale.

BPA can help you to offload tedious work to software applications so your employees can spend their time working on more enjoyable, rewarding, and meaningful tasks.

This, in turn, should translate into greater employee satisfaction and potentially improved employee retention rates.

5. Aids with compliance

Businesses typically establish standardized processes to ensure operational conformity and compliance with relevant regulations. These processes need to be consistently executed, every time, in order to work—but this isn’t always the case.

Humans aren’t perfect—we all make mistakes from time to time. Systems, on the other hand, rarely fail. By automating repetitive processes, you can ensure they’re executed to the same standard every time and avoid running afoul of regulations.

6. Reduces human errors

On a similar note to the above, BPA systems can help to substantially reduce common costly human errors, such as mistakes during data input.

7. Enables smoother collaboration

Business process automation software can automate cross-departmental and team collaboration. It can be used to automatically assign tasks to different team members, track task progress, send reminders and updates, and perform other functions that help keep collaborative tasks organized.

8. Provides access to insights

One important but often-overlooked benefit of BPA software is the insights you can draw from it. You can use automation software to better understand the steps in your business processes and draw data-driven insights to inform future decisions.


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