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Breached Passwords: Protecting Users

There is no question that attackers are going after your sensitive account data. Passwords have long been a target of those looking to compromise your environment. Why would an attacker take the long, complicated way if they have the keys to the front door? No matter how extensive your security [...]

Hackers Target Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution

A global spear-phishing campaign has been targeting organizations associated with COVID-19 vaccine distribution since September 2020, according to new research. Attributing the operation to a nation-state actor, IBM Security X-Force researchers said the attacks took aim at the vaccine cold chain, companies responsible for storing and delivering the COVID-19 vaccine at safe [...]

Zebrocy Malware Delivered Using COVID Bait

A Russian threat actor known for its malware campaigns has reappeared in the threat landscape with yet another attack leveraging COVID-19 as phishing lures, once again indicating how adversaries are adept at repurposing the current world events to their advantage. Linking the operation to a sub-group of APT28 (aka Sofacy, [...]

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