I am sure you are wondering “What is a TSVMap?”

TSVMap stands for Technical Specifications Value Map. It is the resulting strategic plan of our methodology used to evaluate current systems, identify specific needs and provide several options that provide you with solutions for increasing your production and efficiency.

TSVMap was developed and created in order to give manufactures and businesses a real road-map to follow. This map gives the business the ability to understand IT, ERP, MRP, Cyber Security, or Digital needs. We have developed this method for assessing manufactures, retail, commercial, wholesale, and businesses. We start off by providing a 4 step process.

Below is our process for assisting you with understanding your technology needs when it involves an ERP, MRP, IT, Cyber Security, Web Application, API Integration, or any other technological need to assist you with real comprehension and then to offer actionable solutions.

1. Define Current Systems

Define the current systems and processes that are being utilized for day-to-day operations. The functions we’re reviewing include (but are not limited to) accounting, operations, order tracking, inventory, order fulfillment, workflows, cyber security, web site, web applications, branding, information systems, sales channels, marketing, and operating procedures.

2. Interview the Team

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The next step is to interview the team who will be interacting with, servicing, or expanding the system(s) on a day-to-day basis. This gives us detailed information about the tasks being performed, the overall utilization of available technology, and where a new solution is needed to streamline, error-proof, or otherwise improve today’s workflow.

3. Analyze the Entire Process

Based on what we learn about today’s systems, processes and the team, we can provide recommendations for workflow, system(s), and processes.

4. Plan / Proposal

TSVMap, IT Assessment, Cyber Security Assessment, ERP Assessment, MRP Assessment, Web Applications, Business Operations, Greenville South Carolina

The plan will provide you with solutions to meet your objectives. Specifically, to increase production output, IT understanding and comprehension, labor and equipment efficiency, marketing and branding, web and software applications, and overall operational and financial performance. This will be accomplished by either modifications to existing systems, training, the incorporation of new systems, or the integration of custom-developed systems.

If you would like TSVMap to assist your business with assessing your essential systems and applying the TSVMap methodology to ERP SystemsMRP SystemsCyber SecurityIT StrucutreWeb ApplicationsBusiness Operations, and Automation, please contact us at 864-991-5656 or info@tsvmap.com.