5 Tips to Stay Secure Online in the Office or at Home
Whether you are in the office or working from home, cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. Check out the infographic below for tips to stay secure online and improve your workplace cybersecurity posture. By following simple online safety best practices, you can avoid becoming the next victim of a cyber attack.
1. Lock It Up
No matter where you’re working – in the office, on your couch, or at the local coffee shop, always keep your portable devices locked with a secure passcode.
2. Two Is Better
Two-factor authentication is an important layer of defense beyond your password. It decreases your risk of falling victim to a compromise because criminals need access to not only y our account password but your token or smartphone as well to receive the PIN.
3. VPN For The Win
When conducting work outside of the office, ensure your safety by never using WiFi without using a VPN.
4. Stay Separate
Never use a business asset such as a laptop, iPad, or phone for personal use. Be sure to keep things separate.
5. Think!
If something looks suspicious, chances are it is! Never open or download attachments from unknown senders and always hover over a link before clicking to ensure being directed to the intended URL.

Article Provided By: CISecurity
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