Purchasing ERP software is a major investment for any organization as it is one of the most important technologies used to manage business functions and processes. For an organization to determine if they are optimizing their ERP software’s capabilities, taking an ERP assessment will prove to be extremely useful. ERP assessment tools will help organizations determine exactly what ERP software they should implement as it will enable them to compare their current ERP software scenario with other organizations using the same or different ERP system.

ERP assessments can be available in a variety of ways so it is important to ensure that you select an organization that will provide you with the most accurate result. Information Technology professionals who specialize in ERP systems commonly perform ERP assessment services. They are often experienced in working with various different types of companies and therefore are able to provide clients with a wide variety of responses and solutions, depending on their client’s situation.

Monica Graham, president of Picayune Consulting Inc. and author of ERP Best Practices: How to Achieve Your Dream IT System, said, “ERP assessment services are an excellent way for a CIO to determine which ERP system will best fit his or her organization. In the past, organizations have performed moderately priced assessments with unsatisfying results. Through the use of advanced tools, we now recognize that a proper assessment can be very cost-effective and result in a much more enhanced understanding of an organization’s current situation.”

As important as it is to determine which software solution will work best for your organization, it is equally important to track implementation progress through periodic reviews. A simple ERP assessment can provide you with well-balanced and accurate information about your company. In addition, you will also be able to acquire information about implementation costs, savings, and any other factors pertaining to ERP software.

One of the most common ERP assessment tools that supply organizations with data regarding their current ERP system and company goals is the ERP scope and benefits assignment tool called the Three-Sigma Method. The Three-Sigma method is based on a three-step process of analysis, development, and implementation. The name may be attributed to the Greek letter “sigma” which was used previously to represent the scientific method. The three steps can be described simplistically as follows:

In practice, this tool provides a detailed analysis of an organization’s current situation by utilizing the following five steps:

1. Develop three strategic objectives for each business process that are measurable and non-competing
2. Identify the business processes critical to meeting strategic objectives
3. Identify alternative software ERP solutions to accomplish business process objectives
4. Compare each identified ERP solution relative to each other and identify the best-fit ERP solution
5. Select an implementation model and perform additional analysis based on that model

The Three-Sigma Method is not limited to helping organizations decide which software solution will be best for them, it also helps analyze a company’s need for certain technological solutions before they are implemented at the corporate level.

An organization can use an ERP assessment to help them determine if there are any potential problems with its current ERP system. They will also be able to learn valuable information about how and why they should implement a new ERP system. In this way, an organization will be able to make a more informed decision on what ERP software solution would best suit their organization’s needs.

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