Ensuring your organization’s IT environment is not only secure but also patched regularly, can be challenging. Migrating to the cloud can help address these challenges in unique ways. Virtual machine (VM) images built to defend against cyber threats, can help. Here are four reasons to use hardened VMs for cloud migration.

1. Misconfigured Operating Systems

A primary concern for your organization when migrating to the cloud is securing your servers. By leveraging VMs in the public cloud, system admins and CISOs can deploy a single image across multiple workstations. Starting with a base operating system is one way, but base images lack independently developed security. You can address these issues by using a secure-by-design hardened VM as the base image. A hardened VM is built with security issues in mind. In addition, you can use a hardened VM as a starting point to add to the security of your servers while also providing flexibility for developers and IT admins.

2. Upfront Hardware Investments

Avoid hardware purchasing, licensing, and maintenance by migrating to the cloud. With the VMware Cloud on AWS Service, you can begin with a fully configured hardened VM that has been tested for configuration compliance. The security of the cloud allows you to choose the best hardware configuration without incurring the upfront costs of hardware procurement, licensing, and maintenance.

3. Inflexible Infrastructure

Cloud computing is renowned for its flexibility and scale-up, scale-down as-needed nature. The more sand you put in the gears, the more sand will be displaced over time. Cloud providers use hypervisors to access more than one physical server at a time. VMs are not meant to be configured manually. Migrating your servers to the cloud, especially with regard to security, can be challenging. A hardened VM comes ready to use out of the box.

4. Increased Security after Your Cloud Migration

This is particularly important in the cloud migration process. Organizations, especially those in regulated environments need to easily audit their environments. Hardened VMs can provide a secure starting point for your cloud migration while also providing flexibility and easy access to security audits.

Don’t get stuck with images that do not meet the evolving needs. Hardened VMs also provide organizations with simple and cost-effective options for securing their cloud migration initiatives.

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