Artificial intelligence or AI is giving sales managers and their teams the trusted data to significantly improve performance. Eclipsing last-generation sales automation, one example is the latest tool from Indian startup Datoin that delivers more than sales performance trends – upward or downward – making teams and their managers accountable to act on the best strategy. Darwin’s AI technology is designed to give sales managers and their teams a performance edge in the era of Big Data and analytics. Datoin, founded in 2016 by Indian Institute of Technology-Madras graduate Anand Prakash, is an AI-based platform that helps customers track and optimize key business metrics such as revenue opportunities, pipeline, conversions, and forecasting. The startup’s customers include Fortune 1000 companies, banks, insurance firms, and travel agencies.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is building trust between customers and sales executives, whether they are product leaders or account owners. “Our AI solutions measure the performance of teams using real-time data. It gives our clients greater insight into their performance, which in turn helps them make better decisions,” says Anand Prakash, co-founder, and CEO of Datoin. The platform uses machine learning to provide an effective means to communicate with the business leaders to ensure that they understand the business results so that they can act on them.

The key features of Darwin’s platform are:

  1. Data-driven decision-making
  2. Reporting
  3. The solution is available across all devices and browsers
  4. It can be used in conjunction with Salesforce or other CRMs.

Datoin was established to help executives work with their teams in a more efficient manner. The startup’s platform is being used by organizations from diverse industries such as insurance, pharmaceutical, financial institutions, travel agencies, e-commerce firms, and others. “We have a strong focus on streamlining processes so that teams can make the right call at the right time,” explains Prakash who began his career in business consulting at Booz Allen Hamilton after graduating from IIT-Madras in 2014, before moving to the United States for further studies at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

Dation’s success is due to its machine learning technology that enables its clients to measure team performance accurately, track trends, and adjust strategies accordingly. “Managers often feel they are being watched by their teams. But with Darwin’s AI platform, it is easy to communicate these insights to the people who need them most,” adds Prakash.

Today, Darwin has more than 70 customers, including leading multinational companies such as Aditya Birla Group (India), Bharat Petroleum Corporation (India), and Scotiabank (Canada).

Darwin A.I. serves companies in the growing analytics space interested in improving their sales performance through AI-enabled insights. Darwin has developed a leading-edge machine learning & analytics platform with an application interface that allows it to be used across an entire organization’s sales function, not just very specific use cases. Customers have reported improved revenue cycles, better forecasting accuracy, a deeper understanding of their customers, and most importantly being able to trust their sales teams more.

Datoin has recently launched its new product called Datoin Pro for Sales Teams, which is powered by the world’s first artificial intelligence platform with advanced forecasting capabilities. The product enhances the existing platform with more advanced forecasting, data visualization, and data science capabilities.

Datoin Pro for Sales Teams is an artificial intelligence platform that helps sales teams drive higher revenue. It enables sales leaders to analyze historical performance, forecast future revenues, understands market dynamics, and optimize their teams holistically.

The company has raised $500K in Seed funding from Blume Ventures & YourNest Angel Fund in 2017 and secured a bridge round of funding from Indian Angel Network (IAN).

In conclusion, Datoin aims to build and develop a strong team. The company is on a mission to empower more than 2 million businesses with cutting-edge technology and support them in growing their revenues.

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