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AI Used to Build High-Performance Sales Teams

Artificial intelligence or AI is giving sales managers and their teams the trusted data to significantly improve performance. Eclipsing last-generation sales automation, one example is the latest tool from Indian startup Datoin that delivers more than sales performance trends - upward or downward - making teams and their managers accountable [...]

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Digital Supply Chain Planning and Execution

Supply chains are becoming longer and more complex, the context in which they operate is continually evolving, and new technologies to manage them - such as digital and automation - are emerging with increasing frequency. Discussions around Digital Supply Chain and Supply Chain 4.0 are the heart of many organizations' [...]

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Procurement Disrupting Through Analytics

With vast quantities of data at their disposal and tools that can turn information into valuable insights, now is the time for procurement functions to harness analytics and exponentially increase the value they deliver to the business. Twenty years ago, big data was not an issue in procurement. Simply managing [...]

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Information Technology Trends for Businesses in 2021

If one thing is for sure, it's that 2020 threw everyone for a loop, including those in the tech industry. When looking ahead to next year, this pandemic will continue to change how companies do business, demanding organizational plasticity and a people-first mentality for and information technology decisions or trends. [...]

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MRP vs ERP – Key Differences and Features

Managing the shop floor, inventory, operations, and scheduling are some of the keys to ensure a manufacturing business runs smoothly. As manufacturing and supply chains scale to meet larger global needs, real-time data and software systems allow manufacturers to automate processes and make smart data-driven decisions. Two commonly implemented software [...]

Automation Becomes Essential in the Post-Pandemic World

Automation has emerged as a key enabler of digital ambitions worldwide and will be a critical operational elixir once the prolonged coronavirus pandemic recedes. From retailers to oil and gas giants, businesses of all shapes and sizes are rapidly deploying automation to keep operations humming. In "The Digital Enterprise in [...]

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Business Operations – How it is Crucial For a Growing Business

Understanding your business operations in its current state and its future state is critical to scaling. Being able to identify, plan and execute on opportunities will provide your company with the fuel it needs to grow organically and sustainably. How you structure and build your business operations will flow into [...]

By |2021-08-06T12:42:56-04:00August 11th, 2021|cyber hygiene, ERP Systems, MRP Systems, Technology|0 Comments
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