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Digital Transformation – Successful Foundation in the Cloud

2020 was a year of trial and error for many enterprises. Almost overnight, business success (and survival) hinged on the ability to adapt to sudden changes in the market. Business continuity depended on market rapid decisions, sometimes with incomplete or missing information, and digital transformation. In particular, companies faced the [...]

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Intelligent ERP Systems – Secret Key to a Competitive Edge

Businesses that observe, internalize, and act on even the slightest changes in consumers' expectations, preferences, and habits are the ones most likely to succeed in the post-pandemic economy. Moving from reactive management to proactive management, they facilitate data-driven decision-making using predictive analytics and act on insights with a collaborative network [...]

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Automation for Businesses and Why it is Helpful

Automation allows for a product to be created rapidly and accelerate innovation. As such, automation has become a crucial component for any business that wants to remain competitive. Learn about how businesses can benefit from automation using the following information. There are many ways businesses can take advantage of automation. [...]

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COTS – What it is and How it is Used 2021

COTS, or commercial off the shelf system solution, provide a host of features and functions as these systems are built for large companies with multifaceted needs. They are usually easier to implement and have more features than bespoke systems, which require specialized programming, development, and installation. However, in order to [...]

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IT Structure – Why Your Business Needs It

IT structure is the backbone of any business's website and the cyber world we are in today, makes IT structure more important than ever. Everything from the hardware systems to network systems, IT structure maintains and efficiently deals with improving the nature of the website for a given business. A [...]

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MOTS – What it is and How it is Used in 2021

MOTS stands for the modified off-the-shelf system solution. MOTS combines the ready-made functionality of a current software solution and integration that tailors a unique solution to your needs. MOTS is usually the most cost-effective solution for a company looking to get a new application up and running in the shortest [...]

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