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Cloud Computing Benefits – Why You Should Work in the Cloud

What are the benefits of cloud computing? Many organizations find that cloud service providers (CSPs) can meet their needs while providing a number of additional benefits. Cloud infrastructure makes sense for both small organizations and large enterprises interested in taking advantage of modern security solutions and flexible computing power. Keep [...]

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Privacy and Security Updates From Google

Google has announced a number of user-facing and under-the-hood changes in an attempt to boost privacy and security, including rolling out two-factor authentication automatically to all eligible users and bringing iOS-styled privacy labels to Android app listings. "Today we ask people who have enrolled in two-step verification (2SV) to confirm it's really [...]

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Effective Cybersecurity Assessment Answers These Questions

Cybersecurity assessments are a crucial part of shoring up a company’s defenses against cyberattacks. But a cybersecurity assessment is only as effective as the process set up before beginning. Leadership and tech team members must establish what weaknesses they’re looking for and how they’ll test for them. Further, the aftermath [...]

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