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TrickBot – A Malware with Multiple Hats in 2021

Summary TrickBot originated as a banking credential theft Trojan but is now considered a modular malware enterprise with sophisticated system reconnaissance, persistence capabilities, and an association with follow-on ransomware infections. The MS-ISAC continues to monitor TrickBot’s capabilities and the threats it poses to MS-ISAC members. Background TrickBot is a distant [...]

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Configuration Assessment – Help Improve Cyber Defenses

There's an old adage in business: If you're not measuring, you're not managing. These days, information technology (IT) and information security professionals know this all too well, especially when it comes to configuration assessment. Network performance requires constant monitoring. Cyber threats demand identification and remediation. Systems need to be securely [...]

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Hybrid Work Environment – Navigating Cybersecurity

There is no doubt that people’s lives and businesses have been significantly disrupted by the global pandemic. As many organizational leaders understandably concentrate on crisis management, business continuity, environmental initiatives, and employee well-being, increasing thought must also be given to the system and network security in a post-pandemic hybrid work [...]

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