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IoT and ERP Integration – 3 Reasons Why You Should

It’s time for forward-thinking organizations to consider amalgamating IoT and ERP integration for opening up new doors of possibilities for operational excellence, workflow automation, and customer service. With unprecedented, explosive levels of growth in the data generated globally, handling and managing workflow execution manually is nearly impossible for companies in [...]

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IoT Devices – Simple Security Tips 2021

IoT devices have become features in our homes and businesses, like connected kitchen gadgets, security monitoring systems, and drones. Read on to learn how you can keep these devices secure from cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Security monitoring systems Use caution when investing in one of the various “smart locks” on [...]

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Software Development – Glossary of Terms

Software development begins not only with understanding the processes but also comprehending the terminology and acronyms. Software Developers will use acronyms; such as, SDLC, Git, GUI, or other related software development terms. These alphabet soup of letters can get confusing extremely quickly if you are not familiar with the [...]

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Big Data – What Your Data Isn’t Telling You

We’ve all heard of big data — the vast analytics capabilities made famous by Silicon Valley’s power players including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Amazon. It conjures up images of never-ending server farms– massive warehouses filled to the brim with terabytes of information–as well as the controversy stirred by the NSA’s [...]

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